We have introduced 3 new Nemaslug programmes in 2014 following the success of our 3 pack / 18 week programmes last season.

You can now pre-order a 18 week, 24 week, 30 week and 36 week nemaslug programme for depatch from mid-March at Nematodes Direct for total protection and convinience.

 3 Nemaslug packs in total 4 Nemaslug packs in total  5 Nemaslug packs in total  6 Nemaslug packs in total
  18 weeks of protection   24 weeks of protection    30 weeks of protection    36 weeks of protection


TIP: 36 week programmes will need to be ordered before the end of March to ensure that you can apply them before the end of the 2014 season- so don’t leave ordering too late.


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